ANF Care Protocols
Protocol might look like this
- depending on which VP20 product you have chosen

Starting your health journey 

Congratulations on starting your health journey using one of the world´s most innovative and fastest growing medical devices.

The ANF CARE Discs, as we call wearable treatment device, is a patch-like product that is simple to place on the body.

This protocol consists of a combination of 8 to 36 ANF CARE Discs, each with their own unique function/frequency. You can see these ANF CARE Discs and the combination in the ANF VP20 protocol.

By combining the different CARE Discs, we aim to normalise and optimise the body functions (nerves, muscles, organs, lymphatic system and hormonal production). To strengthen, in this case, the body´s abilities to help heal and fight virus and bacteria.


There are different protocols according to the situation we are encountering:


The goal is to strengthen the body´s frequencies to be ready to counterattack if any infectious substance attacks the body.

VP20 - STAGE 1 

This is if you feel some symptoms starting, also good for regular flu 
The goal is to strengthen the body´s frequencies to counterattack an already existing infectious substance in the body, valid for adults and kids

VP20 - STAGE 2

This is only if you experience more severe symptoms.
The goal is to help strengthen the body´s frequencies in a situation where the body is getting weaker and showing more severe symptoms from the infectious substance.
ANF Care Adult Prevention Package
Different Packages are available
depending on situation and severity


Always ONLY apply ANF CARE Discs according to instructions

ANF Care disc
Example of Discs placed under the chin


Place the ANF CARE Discs always according to instructions.
As you can see on the protocols, some Discs will be placed on different parts of the body:

- the neck (below the mandible) to target the throat and the upper respiratory tract.
- the chest (front and back), to target the area of the lungs and the lower respiratory tract.
- on the upper right side of the belly, to target the liver.
- on the upper part of your lumbar area, to target the kidneys.
- and some Discs on the belly and the heart area.

Different Discs & Names 

Have a look at the back of the Disc Sheet to find the name
Follow the VP20 protocol to place the Discs, each Disc has a code that you can read on the back of the white sheet where the Disc is attached. Find the code in the guiding map protocol and apply on a dry and clean skin. Repeat the same for each type of Disc. Some Discs are repeated in different body parts.

This process might take up to 20 minutes if you are not familiar with ANF CARE Therapy. Try to place the Discs by yourself, however, you might need help from someone else to apply the Discs on your back.

Have a look at the back of the Disc Sheet to find the name

Activation of the Therapy 

Oscillation Frequencies
Oscillation frequencies - what the eye cannot see but they body feel

Activation of the Therapy 

The Wearable Disc Device is activated automatically by the heat of your body as soon as they are applied to the body, the Discs release the neuro frequencies (sort of electrical that your body understands) stored in the carbonised metal they are made of. 
These frequencies are already used by the body itself to function; the Discs amplify and support them.
By doing so, it helps the body’s functions start to work normally again or are strengthened/normalized.

The Discs are charged with different ranges of frequencies to provide homeostasis and balance to the human body for up to 72 hours.

The Discs do not contain or release any substance which can harm the body. The treatment does not require the use of needles or drugs.

Stay Hydrated

Get the most out of your healing journey
Here are a few tips on what to expect and how to get the most out of your healing journey.


Drink at least 1-2 glasses of water per hour until 1 hour before going to bed. Drink one extra glass of water each time you have a cup of coffee, tea, or any other beverage that contains sugar or alcohol. Your urine should be close to colorless / very pale yellow.

In our experience, the more water you drink, the fewer and shorter detox symptoms you have.
Get the most out of your healing journey

Detox Symptoms

Detoxing can feel like being sick but it is the path to get well

Detox Symptoms

This process is important for the body to function properly again. 

When the body starts to eliminate waste products and fight against virus or infections, you may experience detox symptoms such as:

- Headache
- Dry mouth
- Dizziness
- Light flu symptoms
- Fatigue
- General discomfort
- Runny nose
- Hives / itching
The Detox can already start a few minutes after placing the ANF CARE Discs or something that is felt on / off over the coming days. Remember to stay hydrated to get the best effect and protection from the therapy.

How long the above-mentioned symptoms may last and how unpleasant the detox experience will be, may vary. We’ve noticed that the greater the need for the body to detox, the longer and stronger the symptoms.  

If you have questions in regards to your detox symptoms, please contact the therapists that have introduced you to ANF CARE.
You can always interrupt the detox by taking the Discs off, that means that you also stop the treatment.

Active virus or not?

How bad you will feel after placing the ANF CARE Disc on your body will depend on the amount of the infectious substance the body needs to detoxify. We have encountered 2 different situations:

A. Active Virus Infection: If there is any infectious substance in large amount that the body needs to detoxify, the patient can feel extreme detox symptoms, and an increase in symptoms can occur for some time, maybe the first 6-12 hours. Once this uncomfortable process has finished, you will start to feel better gradually, and you will experience more energy again.

B. Non-active Infection: If the infectious substance is not present in the body in large quantities or this protocol is used for prevention, you will feel better much faster or not feel much detox symptoms at all.


Duration of treatment

Chronic Illness
Other autoimmune or chronic illness might prolong treatment 

Duration of treatment

The duration of the treatment will depend on a few factors:

- Severity of disease
- Pre-existing infection
- Advanced age
- Diabetes or other autoimmune diseases
- Invisible inflammation
- Stress (emotional, mental, physical), etc.
- Continues stay in high risk areas / workplaces
- Rest and Sleep you allow your body per day

There is no evidence that Discs may compromise the effectiveness of any prescribed medication. Do not stop using any medicines without consulting your own doctor.


Storage and application advise

To maintain the frequencies and the Discs for recommended use:

Keep the Discs separated in their own antistatic bags. Each type of Disc should have their own bag for storage. Do not mix them in the same bag.
Keep the Discs far from a heating device nor in an area where sun is heating them directly.

For better VP20 protocol application

Apply the ANF Discs on a clean and dry skin. 
Avoid any oil or cream on the surface of the skin to allow a better effectiveness of the glue.
Pre-shave excess hair in the area of skin where the Disc is to be placed.
The different Discs are not looking different in the top part, to know which type of Disc you must apply you need to check the code name on the white sheet where they come attached.
Put a tape on the top of the Discs if you feel they are about to detach or have already detached, you can place them back.
Throw the Disc away if it has fallen off and you cannot know where it came from.

Sensitive Skin & Hygiene

If the Disc is in contact with a very sensitive skin area, you can move the Disc in a nearest point where results less itchy or irritated. Remember that itchiness is part of detoxification and healing process.

Normal shower and hygiene are possible while wearing the Discs.
Change the ANF Discs every 72 hours to continue with the treatment. Slowly detach the Discs from the skin and apply the new set of Discs on a dry and clean skin.


Please, do not use any heating device on the area where you have placed the Discs on your skin. Hairdryer is allowed for the normal drying of the hair but don't blow hot air directly on discs.
Use the Disc in its original form, without cutting or modifying.
Do not apply on open wounds or redness of the skin.
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